Quad Thug: Gamer

Quad Thug plays mope.io  Mope.io is a video game with animals. It looks like a two dimensional game. The characters are animals. The dragons can dragon battle. The game is fun because you get to level up and get to black dragon.

Quad Thug is 36 and he is pro at dragon battles.

He has a lot of subscribers and is good at the game because he plays a lot.  Quad Thug records and edits until his video is finished. He is industrious.

He is a risk taker because he can die in dragon battles.  If he dies he has to start as a different animal and loses levels.

He is strategic because he has to use a computer and software to edit his videos to get people to watch and subscribe to his channel.  Subscriptions could make him money.

Quad Thug’s three traits influence me as a learner.  His hard work could be applied to school work the same way he applies them to his video editing.  He enjoys what he does.

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