My RC Car

This is my Radio Controlled car.  It can go 50km per hour.  The car is well made and very strong.  It is quite large.  I received this as a Christmas gift.  The first time I drove it was in the snow we had over the Christmas break.  Traxxas is the make of the car.  Parts are readily available in case it does break.

1 thought on “My RC Car

  1. Trey

    Hey Jake,
    That sounds pretty fast for an RC car! Have you every tried driving it around a trampoline net in circles? I seen a YouTuber try this with a traxxis and it worked and looked super cool. My cousin Robert who is in the 11th grade has an RC car that costed him over $1,200 which is a pretty ridiculous amount of money. it can surely pass 100km no problem. Bye now! Sincerely Trey


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