8 thoughts on “Laika

  1. Abbey

    Hello, Jake
    I think your dog is super cute and I also think Laika is a really cute name for your dog too! Is she a lab? How long have you had her for? Do you have any other animals? If you want to read about my dog, Leo I made a post about him. Goodbye and have a nice day!
    Sincerely, Abbey

  2. Trey

    Hey Jake, I also have a black lab named Taylor! She is two years old and loves to go for walks, swims, and play with other dogs. Your dog is cute. I also have two cats named Katy and Calico. I have a brother, I can consider him a pet too. XD

  3. Leticia Galindo

    Hey Jake !

    I also have a dog who is about 5 years old. Our family loves her so much and she is very protective of our family. My dogs name is Chela and is an Australian Cattle Dog. She loves to play catch and enjoys car rides. What does your dog enjoy doing?

    1. Jake Post author

      hi leticia my dog likes to play but she cant play with otter dogs. she likes to eat she likes to play feeh
      and likes her toys bye now

  4. hmstylersu

    Hi Jake!
    I have a half black coat and half golden retriever. Her name is Kumi. She likes to play outside and play fetch. She looks just like Leticia and she is also 5. Cool right! Come and check out my blog sometime. Yay!


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