Where I Live

I live in the Comox Valley and It’s a pretty good place to live.

Here are some of my favorite places in the Comox Valley. First is the  is the skate park. I like the skate park because there is lots of places you can scoot. There’s a bowl, a fly out and a grind. You can learn new tricks there. That’s all for the skate park, moving on.

My other favorite place is my house because there’s a lot I can do at my house. I can play video games and watch YouTube videos and I have a trampoline. I can backflip on my trampoline and I made a tramp scoot for my trampoline.

Moving on to the beach. Goose Spit beach. I like Goose Spit Beach because there is lots of sand. You can dig in the sand and make a sandcastle. And if the tide is out it will come in. So you can make a wall to try and block the tide from destroying your sandcastle. I like the beach because you can dig in the sand and find clams deep in the sand. Also you can go swimming in the ocean. You can find jellyfish, fish, and eels. You can also dig a place for the fish. 

Another place to visit is the dog park if you have a dog you can take it to the dog park .The dog park is a big field for the dogs to play. There are no toys so they play with each other. It is in Cumberland. 

Those are my top 3 favorite places in Comox or near Comox.

4 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Carla

    That’s great, Jake! I’m glad our house is one of your favourite places! I think Fresh Slice should be on that list too. 🙂

  2. Trey

    Hey Jake,
    I like the skate park too, it’s one of my favourite spots in the Comox Valley so far. I never knew that you could backflip on a trampoline, that’s pretty cool. I have a trampoline myself but could only frontflip, my friend tried teaching me once and I got pretty close, but it was sorta scary because I almost landed on my neck. I think I’m gonna make a tramp scoot,too, that sounds like a good idea! What tricks can you do on it? Bye now, sincerely, Trey.

    1. Jake Post author

      hi tray i can trippl whip on my trampscoot and bye the way frontflips are harder than backflips
      bye tray


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