If I Won the Lottery

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I WON the lottery!!!!

I’m going to go find the motorbike of my dreams.  I may have to wait awhile to get my license, but it would be worth it.  What would you get if  you won the lottery?



6 thoughts on “If I Won the Lottery

  1. Jackson

    Hi Jake,
    If I won the lottery I would do the same thing as you, and get my dream bike! And a dirt bike, quad, bunch of cool stuff, lego and a new full suspension mountain bike. I would also donate to the homeless shelter, and help people in need.


  2. Briana

    Hi Jake,
    If I won the lottery I would bring my family on a vacation to Hawaii. I would also get some new clothes and get Christmas presents for my friends and family. I might also give some to charity. I could do a lot if I won the lottery, it would be so fun! I hope you have a great day bye!

  3. Evan

    Hi Jake,
    If I won the lottery I would buy cool things for my friends, family and me like a drone and a dirt bike like you. I would also donate to the homeless and people in need.

  4. Trey

    Hey Jake,
    if I won the lottery first thing i’d do is put money in the bank for a house and school. I’d have to wait a while but i’d buy a dream car like a Lamborghini Huracan and a nice truck. I’d help out the homeless and donate to charity’s. If I won the lottery young, i’d definitely be very helpful with my parents and family. I’d buy all brand new items and furniture for my future house and take vacations often with my family! Bye now, from Trey


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